A People’s Humanifesto for Glasgow

The Humanifesto is not a policy document. It is a way of being in the City, putting collaboration, solidarity and mutual support at the centre of how we work. It is a headline, a platform, a political challenge.

The City is our space – neo-liberalism is our shared enemy – assembly and education is our method. The alternatives we are creating in our many groups and campaigns are already writing chapters setting out a better way of being in our city. Together, they make an exciting new Glasgow story.

One way or another, the local elections of 2022 cannot be allowed to deliver more of the same. We need to spend the next two years bringing all our work – on climate justice, on food and health, on transport, on equality, housing and education, against austerity and for mutual support and care – together to present as a genuine alternative.

So please come to lunch! We’ll eat some nice vegan food and share news and views. We’ll seek out synergies; we’ll spend time outside our silos. We’ll talk about how we can invite more of our fellow citizens to become part of a joined-up, radical social movement. We’ll talk about citizens’ education and self-education and why every person’s contribution matters.

Reserve your space by following the link here.

29 Feb, 13:00 – 15:00