Big Climate Conversation

Women’s Cycle Forum are holding a Big Climate Conversation!

The Big Climate Conversation is a programme of national events designed to engage the public, communities, businesses, industry and the public sector in a discussion about ending Scotland’s contribution to climate change. Community organisations are being supported to hold their own climate conversations in small groups. It’s an opportunity for us to hear each other’s views, understand different perspectives, and learn something new. It doesn’t matter if you know a lot or a little about climate change. We’ll be feeding our conversation back to Scottish Government at the end of the session so they will know what’s important to us.

Why are WCFS holding a Big Climate Conversation?

Scotland needs a diversity of voices to join the discussion about climate change, reflecting the lived experiences of those who are often at the sharp end of climate justice. Poor public transport, complex journeys and unsafe streets disproportionately affect women, often forcing them into transport poverty or leaving them reliant on running a car. For other women, the bicycle is a freedom machine and allows them to carry out their daily journeys as well as providing much a much-needed boost to health and wellbeing. We want to bring together as wide a variety of people as we can, cyclists or not, to understand some of the barriers to living more sustainable lives, including how we get about.

Come and talk about what climate action means for you, what your priorities are and what you think the Government, local authorities and business should be doing.

24 Oct, 17:45 – 19:45