Civic House x Counterflows Summer Yard Party, Saturday 2nd July 7pm-1am


Oliver Coates



D33jolly (Ghana Footsteps)

Advance Tickets £6*

*Advance ticket price includes slice of BAKED Pizza al Taglio

Oliver Coates is a cellist, a composer for film and an electronic music producer. He releases music on RVNG Intl, exploring improvisation, dark ambient music, and intimate melodic cello with distortion and pitch modulation, including on his recent solo record skins n slime. He writes and records music for film and is currently working with Steve McQueen on Occupied City and Garth Davis on FOE. He has collaborated with Mica Levi, Arca, Jonny Greenwood and Malibu on live and recorded projects.

NOISE POCKET put the musics through a blender. Some hip hop, glitch, noise and wonky pop. With Paddy Hog on vocals and Friendly Boots/Harry Gorski-Brown producing.

D33Jolly is dj and musician Agblor Hotham Jerry Philip, originally from the Volta Region of Ghana and member of Ghana Footsteps. D33Jolly started playing music at a young age, learning traditional local drumming styles such as Borborbor; a sound which is woven into much of the new electronic music he djs, coming out of West Africa today.

Alfresco fun! We can move inside to Civic House if the weather misbehaves!

2 Jul – 3 Jul