Décollagen / Commercial extinction by FRAUD (hosted by CCA)

Join artists FRAUD (Audrey Samson & Francisco Gallardo) for a performative lecture as part of their wide field study exploring  ‘Décollagen / Commercial extinction’.

Come and secure your place to peel the last shrimps of the Thames Estuary at the conveyor belt of the . Or stand and gaze at the last frontier of automation where seafood processing services will be offered cheaper than for free. To celebrate the end of FRAUD’s workshop Décollagen/Commercial Extinction, they invite you to a performance-lecture during which they will dabble into what newer and subtler degrees of death and extinction are afforded by extractive and extraterritorial practices at sea.

4 available places for people peeling at the conveyor belt.


This is part of a wider 2-day workshops hosted by the CCA – more info available here.