Intrusive Thought EP Launch

Yer da’s favourite punks are at long last releasing material in the hope that people will eventually stop coming to see us and we can pack it in all together.
Really though, we bless our cotton socks (full length stockings if you’re Ramsay) every day that yous all enjoy watching & listening to us, and we want to celebrate that.
The lovely folk at Civic House Kitchen have lent us the space for the evening so drag yersel up that way and stroke our egos once again.
Supporting us physically & emotionally we have:

First gig ffo Glue, Brainbombs

so you can at least count on them for a good time.

5 bucks on the door, NOTAFLOF ofc
Respect the space. Respect each other.
Don’t be a daftie. Peace in the middle east.

30 Nov, 19:00 – 23:00