#ItsOurTime Creative Sprint: Glasgow

Julie’s Bicycle, in partnership with The Comms Lab, is supporting a campaign to inspire 2 million people aged 18-30 to register to vote.

About this event:

Join us at a series of national ‘Creative Sprints’ to generate ideas to galvanise the young people of your city.

The announcement last week of a general election marks a significant moment for the climate crisis. There are 2 million people aged 18-30 who care about climate and will be most affected by it, but are not registered to vote. Their voices won’t be heard. Politicians need to know that people are registering to vote because of climate change.

There are now just a few weeks until the registration deadline of 26th November, so if we want to seize this moment we need to do it fast.

Julie’s Bicycle, in partnership with The Comms Lab, is supporting a national campaign to motivate and inspire 2 million young people to register to vote, with climate as their main concern. The creative and cultural community can really help with this.

Join us and bring your creativity to this challenge. Over the next couple of weeks, Julie’s Bicycle will run “Creative Sprints” across the country for creative organisations in cities where young people’s registration is low.

These sessions will aim to generate ideas and strategies for action and creating compelling, shareable work that speaks to your city. We want it to galvanise people to register to vote in the context of climate change. It’s about the young people of your city having their voices heard.

It is important to stress that this is a non-partisan registration campaign to help drive the biggest climate and youth election turnout of all time.

You can find more information on ItsOurTime.org.uk.

Please share the campaign with your networks. #ItsOurTime #MakeClimateCount

12 Nov, 10:00 – 13:00