Land Workers’ Alliance – COP26 Programme at Civic House

We’ve partnered with the Landworkers’ Alliance to host their COP26 hub at Civic House. See below for full details on their programme.


What’s the issue?

The climate crisis impacts the lives and livelihoods of agroecological land workers globally.  Agroecological land workers, peasants and indigenous peoples provide real solutions for how we can first and foremost reduce our carbon emissions and support biodiversity.

The UN Conference of Parties (COP) will hold its 26th meeting on the UN framework convention on Climate Change, where countries come together to negotiate agreements on how to address climate change internationally.  Over 30,000 people usually attend the official conference, while many many more people attend to participate in side events and counter summits which have provided an important platform for the climate justice movement at COP negotiations.

This is set to be held in Glasgow from the 1st – 12th November 2021, though this conference has already been delayed by one year and debates continue about whether to move the conference online or further postpone it due to Covid.  Strong civil society participation at COP is vital and we will continue to demand that the UK government and UN organisers ensure that safe participation is secured for civil society.

What are we doing?

As the COP is due to be held in the UK, the Landworkers Alliance is working to support delegates from other Via Campesina members to participate in the conference and counter summits.  We are organising with civil society organisations through the COP26 Coalition and other coalitions to make sure that food sovereignty and agroecology are understood as real solutions to the climate crisis, to challenge false solutions put forward for agriculture and land use, and to build solidarity with other climate justice campaigns in the UK and globally.  We are planning to host spaces which focus on food sovereignty and can be a positive space for people in the food sovereignty movement to come together and learn from each other in how we work to build climate justice.

Click here to access the Land Workers’ Alliance COP26 Programme at Civic House – 1-12th November 

1 Nov – 12 Nov