Palestinian Fair Trade Supper – 10 Years of Fair Trade Olive Oil

Please join us on the evening of 4th March at to help us celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight alongside some very special visitors Zaytoun, who in 2019, are celebrating the 10-year anniversary of pioneering the World’s first ever Fairtrade Certified olive oil.

Fairtrade Fortnight, which this year runs from 25th February until 10th March, is a fantastic opportunity to highlight and commend the difference Fairtrade can make to lives and communities. At Greencity Wholefoods, sustainability, good working conditions and a fair supply chain are at the heart of their ethos, therefore, they’ve been longstanding supporters of Fairtrade going way back to 1984 with the first commercial distribution of Fairtrade coffee following a collaboration with Campaign Coffee Scotland.

Zaytoun, a Community Interest Company, in addition to their delectable extra virgin olive oil, offer a sublime range of Palestinian artisan foods including dates, maftoul and za’atar. This very special supper will allow you to taste some of Zaytoun’s delicious ingredients and as well as a delicious meal, along with a very special visitor from Palestine.

Khader Khader (pictured) is a farmer and board member of the Palestine Fair Trade Association. He produces Fairtrade olive oil from his family’s olive groves and now makes a sustainable livelihood, but that hasn’t always been the case. He spent 10 years working in a plastics factory in Israel before turning to farming. During the evening he will explain why he became a Fairtrade farmer and the importance of fair trade in his community, as well as talking about daily life in Palestine.

In addition to hearing Khader’s stories and feasting on the flavours of Palestine, your ticket will also pay for an olive tree. Zaytoun is one of the main contributors to the planting of trees through the Palestine Fair Trade Association “Trees for Life” programme. This provides olive and almond saplings to farmers, and covers the majority of the cost of the new trees while the farmers pay a symbolic percentage as demonstration of their commitment to agriculture. Priority is given to starter farmers, female farmers, young families and those who have recently lost lands or trees to Israeli settlements or to the separation wall. For Zaytoun customers, the programme offers another opportunity to take positive action to support farmer livelihoods in Palestine. To find out more visit the website here.

Among a variety of events at Civic House, Civic House Kitchen regularly hosts workshops on practical cooking skills and urban food production. From Tuesday 5th March, Civic House Kitchen is open to the public, offering a low-cost lunchtime meal. The Civic House Kitchen team has worked many times at Greencity HQ and we are delighted to be facilitating this collaboration with our friends at Zaytoun.


We expect this event to sell out so be sure to book your tickets early.

This will be a 3 course meal and seating on the night will be supper club style.

We invite you to join us from 7pm, with food being served at 7:30pm.

All of the food served will be vegan. Please contact us if you have any other special dietary requirements.

4 Mar, 19:00 – 21:00