School of the Damned – All vibrating fur

“Will we be able to fit through the doorway?” voices yell (in near unison).
A vibrating mass of fur, sap and gum, knotted and intertwined pushes through, pulsing down the path.
The rat king: a cursed support group. Makes a nest, bloats and swells – hopes the sky stays grey. Let’s have a rest.
All vibrating fur explores the darker, more conflicted moments of interpersonal connections. Aiming to evolve rather than conclude, it problematises the idea of working collectively, and the format of School of the Damned.

It is a messy space of communication, negotiation and care. After a year of intense conversations, learning and the growth of friendships, our works in sculpture, performance, painting, film, and text will overlap to form a rat king: all vibrating fur.
Beginning with an exhibition in Glasgow opening on September 27th, All vibrating fur will take 30 days to move to London for the show’s second iteration on October 25th, secreting artworks along the way on the SotD website, Instagram and Facebook.
Michaela Cullen
Phoebe Cunningham
Ellen Sims
Oren Shoesmith
Molly Bliss
Harriet Morley
Angeli Bhose
Sophie Goodchild
Saoirse Wall
Thilaka Hillman
Sam Meredith
Eli Mejorado
Gustavo Ferro
Opening night event: Friday 27th, 7-9pm
Open to view Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th, 12-6pm
Access Information:
This event will be held on the ground floor of Civic House which is accessible for wheelchair users.
The toilet facilities in Civic House are gender neutral.
Image credit: Sophie Goodchild

Poster design: Jamie Sorensen

27 Sep – 22 Sep