Stereoskop VIII >> Britney’s Breakdown

✩ BRITNEY’S BREAKDOWN is the 8th edition of the Stereoskop Festival held in Glasgow for the very first time and centres around the split between performativity and empathy; the making and breaking of icons, their impact on the body as well as the appropriation and re-invention of standards they generate ✩

stereoskop is a one-day performance event which serves as a platform for a variety of performance art and has a main focus on visual arts. The festival has its roots in Zurich and has also been held in Vienna at the PFERD art space and in Chicago in collaboration with the No Nation Art Lab gallery.

The central theme for each edition serves as an inspiration or a basis for discussion to invite artists to perform, instigating a curatorial process through which the event becomes an artwork in and of itself. The project was at first conceived around an ode to Britney Spears’ career as a pop icon and in no way means minimise the very real issue of scrutinising a person’s mental health on a public forum. Our interest in exploring these topics was inspired by the deconstruction and increased conscious of pop culture as well as the subsequent emergence of formulas for self-promotion and mediated artistry.

❀ Our main intention here is to enjoy a good time together ❀

Come along on November 7 at Civic House with friends, invite your enemies, bring your grandmother and nephews!

£5 suggested donations made on the door to cover venue costs, but no one turned down for lack of funds

First performance starts at 7pm, line-up will be announced soon ♥


Deconstructing performativity also serves as a reminder to see behind the articulated imagery, to look after yourself as a human being and also consider other bodies as such. Stereoskop therefore invited artists to articulate themes relating to the human body, empathy, health, pop culture and acceptance.

We welcome diversity and inclusivity and oppose any display of xenophobic, racist, or sexist behaviour of any kind. The desire to discuss is just as essential to our festival as the creation of an environment that encourages empathy, communication and creative freedom.

7 Nov, 19:00 – 22:30