• Phoenix Nursery, Test Unit 2018



Alongside Civic House is Civic Street Yard, which is currently being developed to create a ‘commons for collaboration’, a flexible common resource for like-minded organisations, partners and individuals.

Historically the main public space for the area and home to children’s playground Phoenix Park, this site however, has since fallen into ruin and until 2016 lay vacant and abandoned – creating a public eyesore and attracting a high volume of anti-social behaviour.

We are exploring an incremental development process with this – allowing short term activity to connect with long-term aims. Our ambition is to ensure any work done on the site has long-lasting value and considers the future direction and use of this site.  To find out more about Civic Street plans please visit:


We have gone through a process of stripping back and developing a functional outdoor fabrication and events ‘yard’ on the site, including an accessible decking area and four permanent containers. 

We would like to explore how to utilise local resources in sustainable ways and promote principles of reuse, re-cycling and circular processes. 

As such Civic Street Yard is home to the Glasgow Tool Library whose goal is to challenge the unsustainable relationship of tool ownership by running workshops and events that question assumptions of ownership and behaviours, and Bike For Good E-Cargo Bike Library, where local businesses can hire cargo bikes for commutes and deliveries, alongside a programme of maintenance and training workshops.

This site is versatile and we are keen to explore new ideas and opportunities that support their ongoing development and activation.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a new project, event or idea for this site.